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Polypropylene Wax

Introduction: Polypropylene wax, scientific name low molecular weight polypropylene. Polypropylene wax has a high melting point (drop melting point is 130-170°C, drop melting point is more than 30°C higher than that of polyethylene wax), an average molecular weight of about 5,000-10,000mw, low melting degree, lubrication and good dispersibility.

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Color masterbatch

Plastic processing


Ink, paint

Packaging: 25KG plastic woven bag


1. As a dispersant and lubricant for the manufacturing of high-temperature resistant hot spinning masterbatch. It can be used as a substitute for polyethylene wax in the production of high-temperature spinning masterbatch, overcoming the disadvantages of polyethylene wax's tendency to sublimate and produce odors during high-temperature spinning. It is particularly suitable as a dispersing lubricant for the production of polypropylene, polyester, and nylon spinning masterbatch.

2. When a large amount of filling material is added to polypropylene, injection molding becomes more difficult, and the surface of the product is rough, making it difficult to demold. After adding an appropriate amount of polypropylene wax (usually 7-8 ‰), the flowability of the blended product can be improved, making the materials miscible and easy to demold, and significantly improving the surface smoothness of the finished product.

3. When making high viscosity polypropylene drawing woven bags, adding WPP type polypropylene wax can increase its MI value, increase lubrication and flowability, reduce flat wire breakage, improve cleanliness, and is an ideal modifier for polyolefin melt index.

4. As an energy-saving agent and process improver for polyolefin resin processing. In LDPE When extruding HLDP, using an appropriate amount of polypropylene wax can reduce the host current by 10-20%, increase the extrusion amount, shorten the time, especially in LLDP blow molding processing, which can greatly improve the appearance quality and transparency of the film, and basically eliminate the phenomenon of shark skin.

5. Used as a carrier for the manufacturing of toner for electrostatic copiers. It plays an excellent lubricating role in copier toner, improving its melting point and moisture resistance, preventing adhesion of copied products, and is an ideal moisture resistant lubricant and polymerization inhibitor.

6. As a wear-resistant agent for printing ink. Adding an appropriate amount of polypropylene wax (especially plastic colored ink) to the ink can improve the brightness and wear resistance of the ink, reduce the folding of the ink, and improve temperature resistance and transparency. It can replace polymer polyamide resin.

7. Used for the manufacturing of high-temperature resistant hot melt adhesives. WPP type polypropylene wax has a high melting point and low melting viscosity, which can significantly improve the heat resistance and softening point of the melt adhesive, expand the application range of the hot melt adhesive, and be used for steam bag bonding, replacing the controversial polyurethane adhesive.

8. Polypropylene wax is a new type of chemical product that can replace imported similar products. It has high practical value, improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, and has obvious economic application benefits.






形状(Physical Form)


White Powder






软化点(Ring & Ball)



密度 (@23℃)



ASTM D 1505



max 1.0



mg KOH/g


ASTM D 1386

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