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Fischer Tropsch Wax

Introduction: Fischer Tropsch waxes are methylene polymers, alkane polymers synthesized from hydrocarbon-based syngas or natural gas. They are mainly synthesized from iron-based or cobaltbased raw materials from high quality and inexpensive raw materials of coal chemical industry, and they have a more obvious advantage over crude oil waxes in terms of price.

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The main uses of Fischer-Tropsch Wax:

1、Plastics industry: Fischer-Tropsch wax can be applied to plastics processing, such as injection molding, extrusion and pelletizing industry. Fischer-Tropsch Wax helps dispersion of fillers and excellent slip in the process of masterbatches and modified plastics production when mixing. It can be used as external lubricant of PVC, low viscosity can improve the production speed of the product, it can help the dispersion of pigment and filler in mixing, especially in the extrusion of high-viscosity system, it has a better use, it is 40-50% less than the addition of ordinary PE wax, and it can improve the surface luster of the product significantly. In the use of strong color, melted Fischer-Tropsch wax can effectively wet the dyes and reduce the extrusion viscosity.

2、Ink, paint, coating: When used in ink in the form of particulate powder, it can improve the abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance of the applied materials. When applied in coating, it can play the wrinkle effect, and it can form the stripe and water wrinkle effect when used in the state of micro-powder. In the addition of powder coating resin, lubrication in the extrusion process, can reduce the screw torque, reduce energy consumption to improve production efficiency.

3、Adhesive: It is the ideal synthetic wax used for EVA-based hot melt adhesive. The high melting point of the wax can improve the heat resistance and fast drying of the adhesive.

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